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    ´All you need is less`

    When I saw the t-shirt with the print ‘all you need is less’, I had to have it. Admittedly because of my weakness for print t-shirts… but also because it speaks from my soul!

    Over the past few years, ‘less’ has become prevalent in my life. That doesn’t mean I’m living in a Tiny House like one of the trendy minimalists, or white walls are taking over the decor in my apartment. My ‘less’ is less clutter and therefore less lost time, less tense nerves – I need those for other things. When I go shopping, whether in a supermarket or picking out a box of vegetables, I’m regularly overwhelmed beyond measure by the oversupply. Why should that only happen to me…?

    But it’s not just in my personal life that this mindset has crept in. I am meticulous about scheduling fewer appointments and fewer meetings in order to have enough time to give my thoughts more air, for example. This is how the best solutions emerged over the last few years. The name <few>, formula for an effortless wardrobe, for example, was born exactly from such thoughts – and incredibly, but true – in 5 minutes on the couch.

    How formative this brand name would be was not clear at the time, but again and again I came to the conclusion in the different phases of the foundation that less is simply more.

    I go further, ‘less’ for me is the only true form of sustainability!

    Product development instead of collection development, for example, saves a lot of resources right from the start: raw materials, roads, and time in development and shopping.   With the focus on ‘less’, online retail can also no longer be categorically cursed, as is often the case at the moment. In no way do I want to take the practices of large online retailers known to all of us in defense. But from my own experience I can say that without online retailing it would be difficult or impossible for me to live in a village in the Allgäu and to start few as a slow fashion label.

    To come back to ‘less’ consumption again, a little story: even though I have sworn off the consumption of fast fashion, I still go to these stores every now and then to challenge myself admittedly – so far fortunately with success. What I saw here was anything but ‘less`… except maybe for the immoral prices….

    To my great delight, I have consistently missed the Friday-for-Future generation! I realize this was a snapshot, but again, I can say that at this age, during the vacations, with Christmas money, I would have been in this exact place… I am convinced this shows a shift in consumer behavior that, as paradoxical as it sounds, includes a lot of ‘less’.


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