divers / how do you celebrate your uniqueness?

few celebrates the unique diversity of the female body regardless of age, skin color and figure. The goal is the formula of an effortless, durable and timeless wardrobe. The focus is on the expression of sovereignty, femininity and lightness.


But how do we get this effortless wardrobe? As women, we are often overwhelmed by the mass of fashion and trends. In times of fast fashion, we lose ourselves in a wardrobe that contains everything and yet nothing that we want to and can wear again at any time.


few stands for timeless fashion, produced with noble, sustainable fabrics and processed to a high standard. The few items underline the uniqueness of every woman and are the basis of a versatile wardrobe. Casual yet feminine, you are perfectly dressed in every situation. All models are part of the formula for an effortless wardrobe.