Admittedly, not even a week ago I was extremely relaxed about the subject of corona. It can change so quickly. On Instagram and on the web you read more and more often about the economic difficulties that the pandemic is causing for small and not yet stable established companies, and of course I also add f-e-wardrobe to the list of these companies. Smart and lean structures are part of the DNA of few, which deliberately allows the brand to grow more slowly, but fortunately keeps the fear of the future and existence in an unexpected situation like this within tolerable limits.

The shooting for the upcoming products was postponed with a heavy heart. At the moment we are all thinking about other things than further consumption and it doesn’t matter if it’s about fast fashion, travelling or, as with few, conscious consumption.

Nevertheless it is a fact that we are limited in our personal freedom but we can stay in a safe space. This is a big advantage compared to the refugees who are urgently waiting for evacuation on the Greek islands in the EU refugee camp. The association ‘Doctors without Borders’ predicts a humanitarian catastrophe should the coronavirus reach these refugee camps.

I am convinced that we will survive this crisis and that we will consume again – although (hopefully) more consciously – and enjoy beautiful things.
That’s why few is now donating 5% of the sales from few gift cards to ‘Doctors without Borders’ to support their important work from afar. Make your loved ones, who you may not be able to see at the moment, happy or give yourself a present, including the beautiful feeling of being directly active!

#solidarity #humanity