sustainable / what influence do you want to make?

few stands for high-quality timeless fashion and conscious consumption. Production in Europe is therefore not only a decision for traditional high-quality craftsmanship, but also for short distances and a mitigated ecological footprint. In order to consciously conserve resources, we rely on overhangs of high-quality Italian weaving mills.

few lives from the dedication of many great people, coincidences and supporters. This sense of community is our pulse beat. That is why it is in the DNA of few to give something back. In addition to a monthly charity share, 1% of the sales price of each style is donated to projects that improve the situation in the apparel industry globally. In addition to Greenpeace, which is massively campaigning for a far-reaching ban on waste, there are also sewing training courses for women in Nepal to give them career prospects. To increase our sphere of influence and to be part of a sustainable change is our claim.