“Made in Italy” is anchored in our minds in fashion with the highest quality and craftsmanship. But how can it be that we often pay less for this high quality standard at Italian weekly markets or in the domestic retail trade than we do for the large chain stores?

Let’s take a blazer “Made in Italy” for 79€ as an example. After a very simple research at Amazon, this amount is frighteningly optimistic. In the usual industry calculation, 20% of the price goes into the product. So in this case we are talking about about 16€, which goes into the procurement of the raw material, buttons and the wages. Even the minimum wage in Germany, which is 9.15€/hour, would be difficult to depict here, wouldn’t it? With the minimum wage in Romania (2,50€) you would get further… How good that you don’t have to worry about that in the parallel world in Prato (Tuscany). Italy is completely excluded from the minimum wage in the EU.

A plane ticket as a wage…

We are always shocked when we are reminded every year of the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. But it is so far away that this horror about the working conditions of the mainly female workers quickly disappears again. But what does it look like when we have such conditions right on our doorstep, about 20km away from a beautiful city like Florence?
Chinese workers live in halls where they work up to 18 hours a day. For many months they don’t even get paid at all, because they often have to work for their plane ticket. With an hourly wage of 1€ we are unfortunately already closer to the calculation of 16€ for a blazer…

The renaissance of craftsmanship

It is therefore all the more important to prove that “Fashion Made in Italy” as it is anchored in our minds still exists and fortunately is experiencing a new upswing.

While searching for a real “Made in Italy” producer for few, we fell in love with the manufacture of the Sartena family in Italy after only a few minutes.
Since 1982 high quality suits, coats and jackets are handmade here. Detailed and elaborate tailoring makes a big difference in wearing comfort, durability and quality! As much importance is attached to in-house training as to the selection of high-quality fabrics – also exclusively “Made in Italy”.

There is no question that this processing requires a higher investment in the product. Nevertheless, few makes it its business to offer this luxurious product quality in premium price ranges to a broad target group.