Have you often asked yourself why we have to choose swimwear in January and winter jackets in July? We all know the consequences from our overcrowded wardrobes, which have to be mucked out again and again –

Back to the roots!

I am always very impressed when my mother tells me that her winter coat and the rest of her wardrobe was tailor-made when she was a child and teenager. No, this is not an old Bavarian noble family, but rather the normal satisfaction of needs in the countryside.

Often the new clothes were even made from discarded garments that had been tailor-made. The quality of the fabric and the craftsmanship (often of the housewives themselves) made it possible – without sacrificing fashionable details (Änne Burda sends her regards). Nevertheless, only what was needed was made. Those who did not make their own clothes looked at the new models in studios or department stores and then ordered.

Demand: a word that we had not been aware of for a long time, but which is rightly gaining in importance again and again. When we come back to our down parka in July from the point of view of demand, our imaginary question mark does not necessarily get any smaller, of course.

I´m personally in love with the way fashion was consumed in the 50s. Like probably most of us, I didn’t experience that time, which is why my imagination is based on stories, study contents and not to forget movies. As a tailor I like the idea that handcraft and quality were still valued at that time. Waiting for a model makes us realize that it takes time and effort to make this garment.

Do we also have this feeling with the current oversupply in the retail trade and especially with the relevant cheap chains?

We know that our current relationship to fashion, or rather fashion consumption, is not particularly future-oriented or sustainable. But how can we sharpen our individual awareness again?

This is now a somewhat unconventional suggestion but: sew a garment! Invest time, leisure and certainly also nerves. Help is available in almost every city from studios and sewing shops that are springing up like mushrooms thanks to the current zeitgeist. After several days you will realize that the life cycle of fashion does not only begin with the drawing of the credit card…