„To create, one must first question everything“

Eileen Gray, architect and furniture designer (1878 – 1976)

Being once again close to the product was one of my wishes when the idea for few was born. At the beginning of my 20 years in the apparel industry, I trained as a dressmaker. Since then I have gained insights into many areas of the fashion industry. With few I have the ambition to explore alternative methods to be able to offer a high-quality product – at a price, which was impossible up to now.


“To create something, you first have to question everything”

Eileen Gray, architect and furniture designer (1878 – 1976)

This could also be called the birth of few.
20 years of practice in the apparel industry have given me a deep insight into very different areas across the entire creative and industrial chain and have enabled me to search for answers.

Thanks to my apprenticeship as a dressmaker and a patternmaker I was able to build up a very deep understanding of the product at the start of my career in a versatile industry, which is still my solid professional foundation.
We know, of course, that not all of our garments are made in small creative studios, which is why my studies in garment technology led me to industry – from development to production, distribution and strategic management.
The positions with exclusive and high-quality fashion brands have strongly influenced my demand for quality and my love for lean company structures.
With few I have the ambition to make conscious and consequent decisions and to go alternative ways and to be able to offer a particularly high-quality product – at a price that was impossible until now.