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    Spring cleaning 2022

    If you are reading this, you have already found your way to our new website. We hope you like it as much as we do!

    During the relaunch, we wanted the experience and knowledge gained in the last two years to flow into the online presence as well. Therefore, the new website is even more clearly structured and effortless to use.

    However, the few spring cleaning has not only focused on the website in the first two months of the new year. After we had some unpleasant technical issues with our few Instagram account, we decided to hit the reset button and start a new Instagram account @few_thelabel. We are very happy if you follow us on it and share it.

    The first launch of few was already over two years ago and no one would have thought that shortly after that we all would get into such a special situation after all. Knowing that it hit a lot of people hard, we can consider ourselves lucky that few came through this time satisfactorily.

    What does satisfactorily mean? In the last two years we were able to test the concept of few, the acceptance and the need intensively, so that we now go into the future with an even deeper conviction. A conviction that consistency is needed in all the confusion of the fashion industry and also of supposed sustainability.

    Currently we are in the final stages of presenting you with what we think will be beautiful models in 2022. The current situation has presented us with a few challenges in sourcing materials in Italy this year. For a long time it was not possible or only very complicated to plan such a trip. Instead of sourcing all fabrics from overproduction as in previous years, we have additionally used regular sources for the current models, but also relied on existing fabrics. For the calculation it means higher material prices for some models, but this has only a small impact on the final sales prices.

    We are looking forward to the shooting in mid-March, where we will show you everything in the right light. So much in advance: it will be bright, feminine and effortless to the usual extent!


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