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    The head is usually quite high due to a certain body length…

    Admittedly: My need for heels was not particularly large in 2019, but that can change again quickly in 2020. Reassuring to know that I would already be well equipped for it!

    The head is usually quite high due to my body length but therefore not necessarily always raised high. The past year was marked by an intense learning curve. The scales tip in favor of the positive experiences, but we would probably appreciate those less if there weren’t also the challenging ones. <few> was unveiled to the public this year and everything I had spent the previous 1 1/2 years mulling over in my well-protected cheesecloth could be relentlessly assessed and evaluated. It’s not that I had to deal with any amount of criticism or struggle with many obstacles. Quite the opposite! The feedback on <few>, the concept, the quality and the new way was consistently benevolent and supportive, the critical thoughts were only in my head – that’s probably something many of us know.

    I dare to doubt that Coco Chanel and I would mean the same thing by the definition of standards, because there is probably more room for interpretation here. If someone had asked me about my standard earlier this year, I would have been convinced that I was perfectly clear about it! No, I had to/wanted to take another look at the shades of gray this year there, too. Besides a few additional personal standards, the main thing that changed was the standard for my work. Starting <few> and experiencing maximum effectiveness in the process has only raised my standards for effective living.

    Out of the desire to be an active part of change in fashion, two other projects have grown that are dedicated to that very desire.

    The quote by Coco Chanel spoke to me not because it so aptly describes the past year, but because it is the result of a challenging, clear, consistent and persevering 2019 and at the same time the best resolution for 2020!

    Wishing you a great start to the new decade! And don’t forget,

    ‘Keep your heels, head and standards high.’


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