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    • Have you also often wondered why we have to choose swimwear in January and winter jackets in July? We all know the consequences from our overflowing closets, which have to be cleaned out again and again. Back to the roots! Thank goodness that wasn't always the case. I am always very impressed when my mother tells me that her winter coat and the rest of her wardrobe were tailored as a child and teenager. No, we are not talking about an old Bavarian aristocracy, but about quite normal necessities in the countryside. Often the new clothes were even created from discarded garments that were

    • "Made in Italy" is anchored in our minds in fashion with the highest quality and craftsmanship. However, how can it be that we often pay less for this high standard of quality at Italian weekly markets or even in domestic retail stores than at the big chain stores? Let's take as an example a blazer "Made in Italy" for 79€. After a very simple research on Amazon, this amount is already shockingly optimistic. In the industry standard calculation, 20% of the price goes into the product. So in this case we are talking about about 16€ that goes into sourcing the raw

    • On September 3, 2019, the photographer of the century Peter Lindbergh - as his colleague and friend Jim Rakete called him - passed away. When I was 16 years old, I bought the coffee table book 10 Women by Peter Lindbergh, giving me a kind of bible for my then ambitious vision to work in the fashion world. All who know me know that I was and am a big fan of Peter Lindbergh, even with the consequence of no longer dating a man who dismissed the exhibition From Fashion to Reality as superficial fashion frippery

    • Admittedly: My need for heels was not particularly large in 2019, but that can change again quickly in 2020. Reassuring to know that I would already be well equipped for it! The head is usually quite high due to my body length but therefore not necessarily always raised high. The past year was marked by an intense learning curve. The scales tip in favor of the positive experiences, but we would probably appreciate those less if there weren't also the challenging ones. <few> was unveiled to the public this year and everything I had spent the previous 1 1/2 years mulling

    • When I saw the t-shirt with the print 'all you need is less', I had to have it. Admittedly because of my weakness for print t-shirts

    • This very wise sentence is not from me, but I had to think about it very often lately. Personally, I would say that the last three years have already been pretty crazy, but 2020 was also beyond my imagination. The plans of few were also different at the beginning of the year

    • Admittedly, not even a week ago I was extremely relaxed about the subject of Corona. It can change that quickly. On Instagram and on the web, you read more and more often about the economic difficulties that arise from the pandemic for small and not yet stably established companies and of course I also include f-e-wardrobe in the list of these companies. Part of the DNA of few is smart and lean structures, which intentionally makes the brand grow slower, but fortunately keeps the fear of the future and existence in an unanticipated situation like this within tolerable limits. The shooting

    • If you are reading this, you have already found your way to our new website. We hope you like it as much as we do! During the relaunch, we wanted the experience and knowledge gained in the last two years to flow into the online presence as well. Therefore, the new website is even more clearly structured and effortless to use. However, the few spring cleaning has not only focused on the website in the first two months of the new year. After we had some unpleasant technical issues with our few Instagram account, we decided to hit the reset button and

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